Sustainable. Eco-Friendly. Ethical.

Revolutionary changes are happening in the fashion industry right now + visionaries around the world are coming up with innovative ways to lower their environmental impact. 

Here’s how your rev’pod™ is making a difference!

Part of our commitment to sustainability includes finding ways to offset our carbon footprint. 

This is why we have chosen to partner with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit who works with carefully selected reforestation organizations all around the world. 

It’s simple, every rev’pod™ plants a tree!

Your rev’pod™ is made with certified MicroModal® fibers from Lenzing.

Aside from being ultra-soft, colorfast, moisture wicking and durable, here’s why that matters…

They’re committed to sustainable forestry.

The fibers are made from wood of beech trees -- a renewable raw material. They employ safe labor practices, pay their employees fair wages and they don’t use chemical fertilizers.

Because Made in America matters to us.

Our team had to make some tough decisions along the development process, but producing the garment in the US was not one of them. Everyone knows manufacturing overseas is significantly cheaper, but not knowing whether we were compromising on fair wages and safe working conditions was simply unacceptable.

In our eyes, rev’pod™ had to be the best garment possible. 

Partnering with a fashion development & production house in Los Angeles, who is committed to promoting emerging independent design, supporting sustainable practices, as well as preserving craftsmanship, was exactly what we found in TEG.

Thank you for caring & joining our rev'olution!

from LA, with Love ❤ 

team rev'pod